Real quotes from real clients

As an eye care physician in a busy practice, I perform highly repetitive tasks and movements which result in chronic muscle and joint pain which at times has interfered with my physical activities.  Jamie’s body work has addressed these issues, allowing me perform better both at work and in my work out routines.  I would highly recommend Jamie’s professional services to anyone who desires to enhance both physical and mental well-being.
— G. K., Optometrist
My husband, Adam, and I received bodywork regularly from Jamie for over a year. As breakdancers, caring for our bodies and preventing injury is essential, and Jamie’s contribution to our wellbeing and body maintenance was immeasurable. She is not only technically skilled and vastly knowledgeable about a range of techniques, she is also remarkably intuitive. Quick to identify areas of tension, and resourceful in alleviating it as well as sensitive to individual preference and necessity, she helped us to recover time and again physically, mentally, and emotionally. Furthermore, after a traumatic roll-over car accident, her therapeutic massage proved indispensable in our recovery. It is no surprise, then, that we recommended Jamie to dozens of friends and family members while she was still in the Boulder area. Without hesitation, we would continue to do so, if only she were still here! Truly, anybody will benefit greatly from her bodywork — we certainly did, and we have found her difficult to replace.
— Elise & Adam Silva
I live an active lifestyle of climbing, running and mountain biking —- I don’t always have the time to take care of my body, so when I do I need it to count. Jamie took the time to counsel me and find what therapy would work for me, I have felt a difference in my climbing after each session. I just wish I could make the time to get in there more!
— A. G., Climber & Outdoor Recreation Gear Distributor
I saw Jamie for prenatal/postnatal massage and birth coaching over the course of my first pregnancy.  Jamie has a strong, yet compassionate touch that was perfect for working through the various physical issues that arose before and after birth.  I also appreciated talking with her about my experience as I became a mother; Jamie applied her intuition and learned knowledge to any questions that I presented. She is a fantastic healer and resource. I highly recommend working with her!
— E. H., Mother, Scientist
Jamie not only provided wonderful massage to me, my husband, and several friends and family members, but also to my dog, Ivy. Ivy is almost 13 years old and has slowed considerably from the strong, exuberant mutt she was even a few years ago. Age and arthritis have taken a toll. However, once Ivy began her sessions with Jamie, she found new freedom and energy. You could see that Ivy clearly enjoyed and benefited from Jamie’s massage - if only because Ivy got up, went to the door, wagged her tail, and greeted her with a lick whenever Jamie came over. She would even head over to her massage area and patiently wait as Jamie set up. Moreover, besides appearing physically more relaxed following a massage, Ivy also seemed calmer and more accepting of other animals. She even played with our new, young dog - a big brute named Bugz - something Ivy had never done before. I would certainly recommend Jamie for bodywork on all mammals — she’s great with humans and dogs alike.
— Elise Silva
After a dynamic fall while hiking, I wasn’t sure how much adjustment or body work to subject my body to. I started a process of regular visits with Jamie about a month after the accident and experienced relief from pain, from residual anxiety, and gradual loosening of tight muscles and tendons that had become seized and protective. This work has allowed me a deeper understanding of how my body works and what it needs to access all of its potential. I credit Jamie with a truly beautiful healing experience and highly recommend her to help guide your pursuit of health and wellness.
— L. W., Marketer, Writer, Dancer, Yogi