My approach is to combine everything in my tool-belt to provide what a body needs at that time. Each session is individualized to work with each client’s needs, based on my belief in the importance of approaching a body as a whole being in the present moment, rather than ascribing to the pre-determined format of a particular discipline. My work blends massage, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, Shiatsu and Evolutionary CranioSacral Therapy.

Pregnancy: Prenatal & Postpartum

Massage therapy can be an added support during child-bearing years. This period can be one of dramatic structural, physiological, psychological, spiritual and social change. Massage can provide a variety of benefits during this time of change and challenges, including decreased back pain, fewer complications in labor, decreased stress hormone levels, increased & better quality of sleep, accelerated healing after delivery, support of lymphatic circulation. To learn more about how a session with Mammal Bodywork can support the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes of parenting, contact Jamie at


Petting animals is great, but massage therapy for animals goes beyond petting. It is an intention-filled form of therapy for muscles that are not being used regularly or are being overly used. Benefits to animals are very similar to those experienced in humans, include stimulating the lymphatic system, opening blood vessels to circulate blood and increase oxygen to muscles, removing toxins from tissues. For animals that have experienced abuse, trauma or other causes of aggressiveness or nervousness, massage can increase trust and ease transitions from shelters to homes.

Canine massage sessions vary in length depending on the animal, but can last from thirty minutes to over an hour. Canine sessions cost $50. Additional fees may apply depending on travel distance. To learn more about how massage may benefit your animal, or to schedule an in-home animal massage, please email to coordinate.